Why consult Shanghai light aluminum alloy cabling frame to choose Na Bai brand?

The cabling frame is one of the cabling equipments in the machine room, which is often called the cable bridge rack. In fact, there is still some difference between the cabling frame and the cable bridge frame, but this fuzzy concept does not seem to have an impact on the actual operation. As far as the concept of cabling frame is concerned, there are many kinds of classification, such as angle frame, flat steel frame and so on. The most common is the porous U-shaped steel wiring frame and aluminum alloy wiring frame. Here, we will introduce a new concept: light aluminum alloy cabling frame.
       Aluminum alloy wiring frame has been described in detail in many articles: the main material is high quality aluminum alloy, bearing large weight, uniform, suitable for horizontal, vertical and multi-layer separate cloth laying situation. Compact structure, large amount of wiring, expansion and subsequent construction can easily realize the separation of "three lines". One of the characteristics of aluminum alloy cabling frame is that the width can be adjusted to realize the combination installation of single layer, double layer or even multi-layer, common horizontal line or vertical line and so on.
       Therefore, we have a good understanding of the light aluminum alloy cabling frame. In the common market, the light series cabling frame is often used in the cabling of small machine room, etc.
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